Chyavanprash Anti-Aging Herbal Formula

Chyavanprash Anti-Aging Herbal Formula

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My father-in-law came to Malaysia from Kerala, India. My husband tells me that he was an Ayurvedic Medicine practicioner in his younger days. But Ayurveda was not all that fashionable those days, so much of his skills in preparing the herbal formulations were lost in time. However the one formulation that was very prominent during his younger days is now being  marketed as far away as the USA.

Chyavanprash Anti-Aging Herbal Formula produced by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is said to be a unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, made from an age-old recipe under strict supervision. It is enriched with pure organic forest honey and Organic amla for antioxidant support. Good for the entire family, Chyavanprash is a natural immune booster and rejuventative which nourishes the body.

The manufacturer says that Chyavanprash provides energy and vitality, also supporting good digestion and metabolism. Moreover Organic Chyavanprash is a combination of more than 40 different herbs, including Bael Tree, Black Pepper, Gokshura, Guduchi, Haritaki and Ashwagandha.

Go here to buy Himalaya Organic Chyavanprash.

Key-in “himalaya chyavanprash” into the search box and click on “Search” to bring you the relevant search results.

For information here are the nutrition facts I found from the manufacturer’s website :

chyavanprash nutrition facts

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