Do You Take A Daily Multi ?

Do You Take A Daily Multi ?

Healthy Food for a healthy body

If you refer to the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) you will be surprised to know that we are not getting the RDA of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our foods. This is in spite of diligently following the so-called food pyramids and consuming the suggested daily servings of carbohydrates, dairy, proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables.

The problem seems to lie with mass farming, food production and processing practices. Moreover cooking at high temperatures also removes much needed nutrients from our foods. Overall scientists say that what humans consume nowadays have less nutrients than they used to have 100s of years ago.

So what can we do to get the RDA that we need to keep a healthy body and mind as we grow older?  Take a “Daily Multi”.

What is generally referred to as a Daily Multi is in fact a product which provides a wide range of multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino-acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and the latest trend of exotic fruit extracts.

One of the best available Daily Multis current available in the market is of course Liquid Life. Read the Supplement Facts to really understand the ingredients in that single bottle and how it relates to the RDA.

We will progressively introduce other Daily Multis as we go along.

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One Response to “Do You Take A Daily Multi ?”

  1. Iesha Ciprian says:

    I always take multivitamins because it is necessary to maintain a healthy mind and body. Multivitamins maintain overall body health.:'”*:

    Yours trully