Vitamin D Dosage - What Is Right?

Vitamin D Dosage – What Is Right?

Vitamin D Dosage

Vitamin D Dosage – What Is Right?

What is the right dosage for Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin? Refer the Supplement Facts shown on the Liquid Life label, and you will find that the Vitamin D content is 800 IU. The question is how does this compare to the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) in various countries, including in Malaysia?  And furthermore whether 800 IU is too little or too much?

Vitamin D Dosage is still being hotly discussed, but before you get all flustered about this here is an interesting page for you to calculate your own daily nutrient recommendations. You can input your own unique data to make an assessment of what is the right DRI for you.

Interactive DRI for Healthcare Professionals

When you look at the results and there are any units you do not recognize or wish to convert to IU, you can go to the link below. It works well with Internet Explorer, but not so well with Google Chrome. I’ve not tried Firefox though.

Convert Between IU and mg/mcg

So once you have established for yourself what is your personal DRI based on your real self, then you will be better placed to understand whether the Vitamin D Dosage you are getting from Liquid Life and the other Daily Multis is what you should be getting as recommended by the DRI in your own country.

Here are two additional resources that you may wish to read to roundup your knowledge about the sunshine vitamin :

Benefits of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Deficiency.

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